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Conversion tables


Imperial                                                          Approx. metric equivalent

1/2oz                                                                              15g
1oz                                                                                 25g
11/2oz                                                                            40g
2oz                                                                                 50g
21/2oz                                                                            60g
3oz                                                                                 75g
4oz                                                                                 100g
5oz                                                                                 150g
6oz                                                                                 175g
7oz                                                                                 200g
8oz                                                                                 225g
9oz                                                                                 250g
10oz                                                                               275g
11oz                                                                               300g
12oz                                                                               350g
13oz                                                                               375g
14oz                                                                               400g
15oz                                                                               425g
16oz (1lb)                                                                       450g
1lb 2oz                                                                           500g
11/4lb                                                                             600g
11/2lb                                                                             700g
13/4lb                                                                             850g
2lb                                                                                  900g

21/2lb                                                                            1.1kg
3lb                                                                                 1.4kg
31/2lb                                                                            1.6kg
4lb                                                                                 1.8kg
41/2lb                                                                            2.0kg
5lb                                                                                 2.3kg
51/2lb                                                                            2.5kg
6lb                                                                                 2.7kg
61/2lb                                                                            3.0kg
7lb                                                                                 3.2kg
71/2lb                                                                            3.4kg
8lb                                                                                 3.6kg
81/2lb                                                                            3.9kg
9lb                                                                                 4.1kg
91/2lb                                                                            4.3kg
10lb                                                                               4.5kg

Spoon measures

All the measurements given in the recipes are for level spoonfuls (British Imperial
1 teaspoon = 5ml
1 tablespoon = 15ml

The tablespoon measurements below are equivalent to approximately 1oz (25g)
of the following ingredients:
Breadcrumbs (dried)            3
Breadcrumbs (fresh)             7
Butter/margarine/lard            2
Cheese, grated (Cheddar)     3
Cheese, grated (Parmesan)   4
Cocoa powder 4
Cornflour/custard powder     21/2
Flour, unsifted                      3
Rice (uncooked)                   2
Sugar (granulated, caster)     2
Sugar (icing)                         3
Honey/syrup                         1
Yeast (dried)                        2

1fl oz                  25ml
2fl oz                  50ml
3fl oz                  75ml
31/2fl oz             100ml
4fl oz                  125ml
5fl oz (1/4pt)       150ml
6fl oz                   175ml
7fl oz                   200ml
8fl oz                   225ml
9fl oz                   250ml
10fl oz (1/2pt)     300ml
12fl oz                 350ml
15fl oz (3/4pt)     450ml
18 fl oz                500ml
20fl oz (1pt)         600ml
30fl oz (11/2pt)    900ml
35 fl oz (2pt)       1.2 litres
40 fl oz (21/2pt)  1.5 litres